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  • Our 2009 Cabernet Sauvignon Altacima 4.090 has an intense and attractive red colour. It is expressive to the nose, with notes of sweet raspberries and cassis in harmony with spicy and slightly toasted touches. It has a rich structure on the palate that is complemented very well by its fruity and spicy flavours. Its tannins give it character. It has a pleasing finish in mouth.

    • $14.99
  • The Carménère 4.090 from the 2009 harvest has a  deep ruby-red colour with dark violet  shades. To the nose it is exuberant, combining black and red fruits that compliment the black pepper, sweet green pepper and slightly toasted  notes. It presents a rich structure, very well accompanied by its fruity and spicy flavour, creating an intense persistence within the mouth.

    • $14.25
  • Our Altacima 6.330 blend Premium Reserve is an excellent choice for intensely spiced cuisine. Ideal with all kinds of red meats, pâté, lamb and game. When pairing it with cheeses, select dry and/or strong-flavoured versions.

    • $18.99
  • Our 2009 Altacima 4.090 Merlot has an intense and attractive red colour. It presents pleasant aromas that combine black and red fruits with black pepper, and a slight hint of toasty aromas. It has strong fruity flavours with mature and velvety tannins that wrap the palate. This is an elegant wine with a very nice persistence.

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